UNCX Network


On this page you will find everything you need to know about using a staking/farming service.

Product summary

This whole page is dedicated for investors who wish to stake their tokens in a farm available on our platform.
We offer three tiers of UNCX staking pools for our users, all with different minimum/maximum stake. In addition to that, we have many pools created by our customers available for you to stake.
Apart from just normal staking, we also offer two boost methods available, which can improve your rewards and increase your share of the pool.

How to stake?

First, you have to locate our Farms, to do that select the "Farms" tab in our UI and proceed. You can also select this page.
"Farms" button location in our UI
You will be taken to the list of the available staking pools. Select the one you are interested in.
After selecting one of the staking pools you will be taken to its page. In order to stake your tokens find the staking panel (located on the right side of the page)
Input the amount of tokens you want to stake, then scroll down to select a time boost option.
The time boost options may vary depending on the staking pool you selected. Remember that once you selected a time boost option you cannot withdraw your tokens before the lock expires. Select the "Approve" button, and approve the amount of tokens you want to stake. Then select the "Stake" button to stake your tokens.
The last step is to subscribe to the reward pools in order to be eligible for staking rewards (if you don't do it you will not get rewarded for staking your tokens). In order to do that select the green "Subscribe" button visible on every unsubscribed reward pool. After you successfully staked and subscribed to the reward pools you will be able to harvest your rewards with the "Harvest all" button. All harvestable rewards are visible below the reward pools.
If you select a specific reward pool, you will see the screen presented below. On its left side, you will find information about your wallet related to this pool, such as all harvestable tokens, the amount of the token you hold and estimated earnings.
On the right side, you will see information about the reward pool itself, such as the block reward, contract address, start and end dates and many more.
Reward pool overview

How to withdraw my staked tokens?

In order to withdraw your staked tokens visit the staking pool page that you are staking your tokens on (to check how to do that see the first section of this guide). Select the "Withdraw" tab and input the amount you want to withdraw. Then proceed by selecting the "Withdraw Tokens" button.
"Withdraw" tab

How to boost my stake?

In order to boost your stake visit the staking pool page that you are staking on (to check how to do that see the first section of this guide). Proceed to the "Boost" tab. You can use your USDC (or UNCX for UNCX staking) to boost your stake and increase your rewards. Below the input field you will be informed how much your stake will be boosted for the amount of tokens you use. After selecting the amount select "Approve" and select the amount of tokens you want to use. Then proceed by selecting the "Boost" button.

How to estimate my rewards?

To estimate your rewards before staking, consider:
  • How many tokens you are planning to stake: each token staked gives you one "Share Weight" or "SW"
  • Boosting your stake up to 200%: a max boost of your stake gives you a 3x boost of your SW
  • Divide your SW by the total SW: the number (<1) gives you your percentage % of the staking pool
  • Check the reward pool, find out what's left to be distributed and until when: Your % of the staking pool will define the % of the"Remaining Rewards" you will get until the end block of the reward.
Formula Explanations: TOKEN=Amount of tokens to stake YSW=Your Share Weight TSW=Total staking pool share weight Boost includes UNCL burns and time lock, and should be a digit between 0 and 2 YSP= your share of the pool to keep as a number <1
Formula for knowing your % share of the pool: (TOKEN+TOKEN*boost) / TSW=YSP
Formula to estimate rewards: YSP*Total rewards remaining for distribution = Your slice of the cake
When does the reward end? Check on the active reward pool(s) when is the last block, and paste that number in Etherscan search field to find out when is that end block expected to occur.
And don't forget to subscribe to a reward pool.