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Liquidity Lockers (V3)

On this page you will find everything you need to know about locking your Uniswap V3 LP position with us.

To understand what liquidity lockers are, first you have to be familiar with concepts of liquidity pools.

If you are not, we recommend watching this video.

What is a liquidity locker?

Developers listing their tokens on Uniswap V3 are granted an NFT when they initiate a pool. This NFT representing the LP position, once in their possession, can be transferred like any other tokens on the blockchain they have been minted on, or bridged to another one.

A liquidity locker allows the developer to store the NFT in a smart contract, revoking their permission to move the NFT from a start date to an end date.


ETH: 0xFD235968e65B0990584585763f837A5b5330e6DE

Arbitrum: 0x6b5360B419e0851b4b81644e0F63c1A9778f2506

Polygon: 0x40f6301edb774e8B22ADC874f6cb17242BaEB8c4

BSC: 0xfe88DAB083964C56429baa01F37eC2265AbF1557

BASE: 0x231278eDd38B00B07fBd52120CEf685B9BaEBCC1

Avalanche: 0x625e1b2e78DC5b978237f9c29DE2910062D80a05

Sepolia: 0x6a976ECb2377E7CbB5B48913b0faA1D7446D4dC7

V3 Liquidity Lockers on The Graph:

How to lock your LP?

Please make sure that:

  • DEX pair is created (on UniSwap, for example)

  • LP tokens/NFT you want to lock are held in a wallet you are currently connected with

Visit, select "Create"

Select the AMM your liquidity is on

Select the NFT representing the LP position you want to lock

First, you have to select the Collect Address. The address to which fee's will be automatically collected if it hasnt been collected in many weeks. You can update this field at any stage as lock owner

If you select the "Advanced" button, you will see more available options, as presented below

Dust receiver: The address which will receive any dust amounts of token0 and token1 which do not fit into the full range liquidity position, dust is sent immediately to this wallet when locking.

Owner: The account who will own this lock, it does not necessarily have to be your connected wallet.

Additional Collector: The additional collector may call collect on the lock as well as the lock owner. This is useful for bots to auto collect fees. Please note this should be a trusted address, as the collect function allows you to specify the receiver of the fees when calling collect. You may update this field at any stage as lock owner.

Collect Address: The address to which fee's will be automatically collected if it hasnt been collected in many weeks. You can update this field at any stage as lock owner.

Pick the unlock date. On the V3 version of our lockers you can select "Lock eternally", to lock the LP position forever. Then enter the country from which your business conducts operations from.

Select the fee option that suits you best, then proceed to approve and lock your NFT.

That's it! Your LP position is now locked.

Managing your lock

Visit, select "Manage"

Select the lock you want to manage

After selecting the lock and scrolling down, you will see the options available for your current lock

Withdraw: Withdraw locked liquidity position

Collect: Collect the trading fees and edit the wallet address receiving them

Relock: Lock Uniswap V3 NFT position and extend the duration of the initial lock

Additional Collector: Allows automated fee collection using a smart contract or bot

Transfer Ownership: Allows token developers to transfer the ownership of their liquidity lock

Accept Ownership: Mitigates the risk of transferring ownership to the wrong addresses by mistake. The ownership has to be first accepted by the receiving side in order to transfer the lock ownership

Increase/Decrease Liquidity: Decrease liquidity once lock is expired to relock a remaining portion as a partial withdraw or add liquidity to a lock to increase existing position

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