Migration of PancakeSwap liquidity from v1 to v2

Our decentralized services support migration of your liquidity. Audited by Certik.

The liquidity locked using UNCX under PancakeSwap v1 can be migrated to v2.


  • FOR ALL THE TOKENS WITH FEES ON TRANSFER, IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED (e.g. SafeMoon) to whitelist the migration contract to get as many tokens as possible in the new liquidity pool (the PancakeSwap v2 one).

    The migration tool will undo the LP and recreate it, hence you may be taxed twice by your own token's logic if you skip this step.

    The migration contract is available here.

  • "Whitelist" above may include, but is not limited to: "ExcludeFromRewards" and "ExcludeFromFee".

  • Ensure as well that you whitelist our contract if you have a "Max Transfer Amount" or any similar functionalities. Not doing so will simply force you to proceed with multiple "Migrate" operations, each creating a new lock in v1.


  • Your wallet is connected to BSC

  • You are the owner of the v1 lock you wish to migrate

  • You have checked if you do have a pool or not in v2 with the same pair

    • If you don't, proceed to next section ("There is no v2 pool yet, or it's empty")

    • If you do, proceed to the section "There is a v2 pool already"

How to migrate my locked v1 LP?

There is no v2 pool yet, or it's empty

  • Go to our UI and select "PancakeSwapv1"

  • Connect the wallet which locked the liquidity on v1

  • Look for your locked pair and select it

  • Select "Migrate / Withdraw Liquidity"

    • Once the pair is found, click the the gear icon next to the pair and select "Migrate"

    • Connect your wallet and enter the contract address of your pair

    • Once the pair is found, click the the gear icon next to the pair and select "Migrate"

    • Check that there is no pair in PancakeSwap v2 and that the slippage/price difference is 0% Below is an example of how it looks when there is a PancakeSwap v2 pool, which should not be showing if there is no pool yet:

    • Ensure you have taken necessary actions as per warning at the top of this page

    • Click "Migrate" when you are ready

There is a v2 pool already

Prerequisites: In order to migrate your pool from v1 to v2, you need to ensure that the price difference between v1 and v2 pool is within a 5% range. This is to migrate as much as possible the totality (or at least 95%) of your LP tokens to the v2 pool, and it needs to have a similar BNB/YourToken ratio. In many cases, arbitrage brings an equilibrium in the price between pools.

You can connect to the UI, select your pair, and click the gear icon, then "Migrate" to see what is the current price difference between the pools. (check previous section)

If you are not within the 5% price difference, you will need to proceed with the required buying and selling, or arbitrage, until you are within the expected range.

If the ratio/price between v1 and v2 pools falls outside the 5% range during the migration, it will fail and revert.

Once you have a similar BNB/YourToken ratio in both pool (no more than 5% difference), you can proceed with the migration as per previous section (check our warning at the top of this page before proceeding further).

Once the migration is completed, you may have some tokens left in the v1 pool, which will be no more than 5% of the original LP amount and will be sent to your wallet.

Known issues



The migration fails

  • Ensure that the price between v1 and v2 pool is within 5% difference

  • Try to have v1 pool price lower than v2 pool, by doing some arbitrage

  • Clear your cache and hard refresh the page a few times. Try with another browser and/or device.

The migration tool doesn't allow me to transfer all of the LP tokens

You may have a "max transfer amount" in your token's smart contract. Whitelist our contract or simply create multiple locks. See warning at the top of this page for more information.

I want to split the v1 lock to few/several new locks on v2

You can migrate a portion of your LP to v2 as many times as you wish, each time it will create a new lock on v2. The unlock date and ownership will remain unchanged; however if you are the owner, you can transfer the ownership to someone else on some of the new v2 locks you have created.

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