UNCX Network

Token Vesting

On this page you will find everything you need to know about checking if the project's tokens are locked.

What is token vesting?

While our Liquidity Locker allows you to lock Liquidity Provider tokens to prevent classic "rug pulls", it does not allow single tokens (i.e. not LP pairs) to be time-locked.
This is what our Token Vesting feature does.
Token vesting is simply the ability to lock n amount of token for x amount of time as a commitment to hold the token.
A clear token vesting schedule is a sign for an investor that project is serious about their development and is transparent to their community. Locked tokens cannot be sold or withdrawn before the unlock date, which may help you in deciding if you want to invest in a specific project or not.
Vested tokens are time-locked in a smart contract, fully audited by Chainsulting, and cannot be sent, sold, added to liquidity or staked.

How can I check if the project locked tokens?

First, from our UI, select "Browser" tab and select the DEX for the token you are looking for.
Browser in UniCrypt UI
Next step is searching for the token. Simply select "TOKENS" tab and paste an address or a name of the token.
Token search
Select the token, you will be taken to the token info page. On this page you will find all the locks for this token and information about the locks.
Token info page (No tokens locked)
Keep in mind that the % of vested tokens will not always be high, as it depends on the project. Some projects use their other tokens for liquidity, staking rewards or development. Always check what other tokens are used for when doing your research.
Token info page (Tokens locked)
To better visualize how many tokens are vested when participating in a presale, check the tokenomics chart. You can find it on every presale page.
Tokenomics with locked tokens