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On this page you will find everything you need to know about creating your own farm/staking pool.

Product summary

This whole page is dedicated for projects/teams who wish to create their own stake or farm pool to allow their community to participate in the ecosystem and earn rewards.
Your stakers will get rewarded from the reward pools created by your team, with any chosen token. It can be the same token as the staked one, USDC, ETH, BNB, AVAX etc. It's all up to you.

You can create either:

  • a staking pool, with a single-sided token to be staked (e.g. BNB, ETH, USDC, TOKENXYZ, etc.)
  • a farming pool, with an LP token, i.e. pair, to be staked (e.g. BNB/TOKEN XYZ)


Once created, a staking pool cannot be deleted. Do ensure everything is setup correctly, mainly:
  • contract address of the token to stake
  • each time boost with proper scale (minute/hours/days/weeks/months/years),
The minimum and maximum amount of tokens to stake needs to be checked carefully for LP tokens as ratio/supply is not necessarily what you are expecting. However this parameter is editable from the "setting" > "Stake pool" menu by the pool owner.

How to create a farm?

First, you have to locate our Farms, to do that select the "Farms" tab in our UI and proceed. You can also select this page.
Farms location in our UI
Once you are on our farms page select "Create" button, highlighted in red on the image below.
Farms page
After selecting "Create" button you will be taken to the stake pool creation page. At the top of it you will find all the supported features and a general description. First, you will have to select a token you want your users to stake.
Creating a stake pool
Next, you can set a minimum staking period. You can set it in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or even years. Another customizable thing is minimum staking amount and maximum staking amount. Note: If you set "Max stake amount" to max_value, there will be no limit.
Staking period and stake amount settings
You can create a fee for a stake modification, although it is optional. It can be charged in the blockchain's native token or any other token you want (on the same chain).
Stake modification fee
Another optional, yet very useful setting is a custom time boost. It basically incentivizes users for locking their tokens for a specific period of time.
Time boost settings
Last thing is choosing your operation country. Before proceeding, please double-check all the settings. Once created staking pool cannot be removed. UNCX Network is a decentralized platform and will not fix your staking pool for you.
Creating a staking pool

Exclude Staking Pool from taxes

To ensure stakers are not taxed upon staking their tokens as well as when harvesting their rewards, please consider whitelisting the staking and rewards pools from your contract after creation.
Note: This only applies to single-side token staking, i.e. not for LP tokens

Why whitelisting?

This ensures stakers will not be taxed upon staking.

Steps for whitelisting your staking pool

  • Create the staking pool as per our documentation above
  • Get the address of the staking pool you have just created (this can be found in the URL)
  • Whitelist the address of the staking pool from your token contract

How to create a reward pool?

To reward your stakers, you have to create a reward pool. In order to do this go to your staking page and select the gear highlighted on the image below
How to access staking settings
You will be taken to the settings screen. Select "Reward pool".
All settings
First, you have to select a token you want to reward your stakers and the amount of reward token dedicated for farmers from start to end of farming. This can be topped up later on.
Selecting a reward token and amount
Next thing to set is a start and end date of the reward pool.
Start and end date of the reward pool
You can set an optional bouns period. It works well to encourage your stakers to stake early.
Please, check everything again carefully before proceeding further.
Bonus period settings

Exclude Reward Pool from taxes

To ensure stakers are not taxed when harvesting their rewards, please consider whitelisting the reward pools from your contract after creation.
Note: This only applies to single-side token staking, i.e. not for LP tokens

Why whitelisting?

This ensures stakers will not be taxed upon staking.

Steps for whitelisting your reward pool

  • Create a reward pool as per our documentation above
  • Get the address of the reward pool you have just created from the URL
  • Whitelist the address of the reward pool from your token contract
  • Repeat the steps for any additional reward pool you will create

How to top up a reward pool?

Go to your staking pool page and select a reward pool you want to top up, you will see the screen presented below. Select "Admin" button (highlighted in red).
Admin button on reward pool page
There, you will find three fields, allowing you to:
  • Top up your reward pool
  • Increase block reward
  • Withdraw a specific token
Top up
Increase Block reward
Drain token

How to edit a farm page?

Open your farm page, select the gear on the side of the screen (highlighted on the image below).
farm page
You will be taken to the screen presented below.
Settings page

Banners & Media

If you select "Banners & Media" you will be taken to the page presented below. There, you can adjust your Token icon and Banner. Note: Update your image to imgur and provide the link to the PNG image directly and NOT to the gallery. i.e. your link must end in ".PNG". To ensure you do this properly, you should right-click on your image in imgur and "copy link"
Adding your token icon and banner

Stake Pool

If you select "Stake pool", you will be taken to the general setting of your staking pool.
Setting page
Most of the settings are identical to the ones in the pool creation page, and they are explained in this section.
Transfer Ownership, additional creator and minimum lock period settings
Minimum and maximum staking amount
Modification fee
Unlock all tokens option



A large portion of rewards for stakers/farmers in a short time frame could lead to high inflation and may hurt the chart. Below are some suggestions to counter the inflation.
Alternative rewards
You can have multiple rewards pools and consider various tokens for rewards, not (only) the same as the token staked. This could be a secondary token in your ecosystem, or even BNB, stable coin, or the token of another project you are partnering with.
Several level of time-lock periods each with an appropriate % boost can help ladder the unlock time of the token/LP token and limit the consequences of inflation.


Separating small players from whale can help making it worth for everyone. You can consider 2 or more tiers for your stake/farm with different requirements holding requirements
  • Tier2: 0-100 tokens, 30% of total rewards
  • Tier1: 100-Infinity, 70% of total rewards
This helps redirecting most of the whales to the upper tier while leaving a chance for small holders to still earn some rewards.

Incentivize locking period

Plan the "time-boost" while acknowledging that there are 2 types of boost: Your time-boost and UNCL boost. The stakers have the choice of any combination. You need to understand how the UNCL boost works so that there is no "competition" between the "time-boost" and "UNCL boost", but more like a synergy: they complete each others. If your time-lock boost is not really appealing, your community will not time-lock their coins (other than the minimal requirement you set) and may instead only use UNCL to boost their stake. This may impact your ecosystem.
  • Set a minimal locking period which would look aligned with your tokenomics and roadmap
  • Consider a boost up to 100% for several months or a year of locking
  • Consider how to incentivize different profiles who have different needs with several time-boosts options over a wide timeline

How to set the right APR?

What to do if you wish the APR to be 50%?
Simple answer: you cannot.
The APR is calculated based on the current reward block, which is linear, and depends on the amount of tokens staked (more precisely on the "total stake weight"). It's a rough indication for stakers.
Your farm/stake APR will be very high in the beginning and will settle to a lower % as more people are joining.
How to mitigate the risk of early whales earning most of the reward?
Create a reward pool with a start date in the coming days (i.e. not rewarding immediately) and communicate properly to your community ahead of the reward pool start time: this should give people enough time to think over it and potentially join your pool.
Additionally: start with a low reward and top up the reward pool along the way if required to give enough incentive for current stakers to stay and for new stakers to join.