UNCX Network
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UNCX API Collaborations

On this page you will find information about our API Collaborations with other service providers.


At UNCX we’re passionate about decentralization and we believe in the importance of transparency and easy access to data. All of our data is on-chain, and the API layer is either contract-based or on its way to being completely decentralized, thanks to our use of The Graph’s subgraphs.
We are also actively working to make our locker data more discoverable by creating multiple API collaborations, which you can find in the next section of this page.

Locker Data

Platforms reflecting public UNCX locker data:
Our locker data also affects the DextScore on DexTools and CER score on Hacken's cer.live.

Locker Positions

Platforms reflecting personal locker positions from UNCX platform:


Platforms reflecting UNCX Total-Value-Locked: