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Token Minter

On this page you will find informations about our ENMT token minter and a full guide on minting your own token.

Token Minter overview

As part of our services, you can mint your own, fully ERC-20 compliant ENMT token, as well as more complex Tax Token, both explained in the guide section.

ENMT characteristics

  • No mint function
  • No owner/admin functions
  • Already pre-audited
  • No unsafe code in the token contract
  • Fully ERC-20 compliant
  • Fully decentralised
  • Grants you an ENMT badge if you launch it via our launchpad

Tax Token characteristics

  • Fully adjustable taxation (up to 30%)
  • Ability to lock functions without renouncing the contract
  • Mint/Pause/Blacklist functions available
  • UNCX AntiBot included
  • Fully ERC-20 compliant
Check out our medium article to learn more about the Tax Token minter.
If you have a product, but no solidity skills, this minter is for you (don't worry, if you have solidity skills you can still use it!).

How to mint a token?

First, navigate to "services" tab in our UI or use this link. Select Token Minter.
Location of "services" button in our UI
You will be taken to the screen presented below. You will see ENMT v1 and our Tax Token explained, read through both descriptions to see which minter will fit your needs better. Then simply select the one you would like to use and proceed.
ENMT v1 and Tax Token descriptions

Tax Token

If you selected Tax Token, next step is choosing a name for your token and a total supply.
For "Creator" field, if you leave it empty, the ownership will belong to the wallet you are currently using. If you want another wallet to be an owner, paste its address into this field. We highly recommend going through our recommendation page for planning how many tokens you want to mint. You can find it here.
Naming your token and choosing a total supply

AntiBot Features

Next screen displays optional AntiBot Features, let's take a closer look at them.
AntiBot Features
First feature is called "AntiBot", and it has three parameters you can customize:
Initial Max Balance: How many tokens can one address hold (until the end date of the AntiBot)
Max Wallet Increment: Increment with witch Max Balance amount will rise. For example, if your Max Balance is 1500 and the increment is set to 5, your Max Balance will grow bigger by 5 on every block until the end date.
Ending Date: Ending date of the AntiBot (up to 48 hours after market initialization)
AntiBot Feature
Second feature is "Max Balance". Simply allows you to adjust how many token one wallet can obtain via market buy.
Max Balance feature
Last feature on this page is "Swap Whitelisting". When this option is active, only whitelisted wallets will be allowed to buy the token. You will be able to submit the whitelist in the token admin panel at a later date. Keep in mind that presale wallets will still be able to sell their allocation. Maximum period for this feature is 48 hours.
Swap Whitelisting

Tax Presets

On the next screen, you will be able to select a tax preset that fits your needs. This feature is optional as you will be able to adjust your taxes on the next page, but it may help you if you want a quick setup.
Different presets represent different taxes, that is:
High Tax: 12% tax on buy/12% tax on sell
Medium Tax: 5% tax on buy/6% tax on sell
Low Tax: 3% tax on buy/3% tax on sell
Tax Presets

Main Page

Next is the main page. On the top of it, you will see four adjustable taxes, including:
Transaction Tax: Tax deducted from each buy and sell, going to the wallet specified by you in the field below
Buyback Tax: When turned on, it will trigger automated buys (depending on a set up threshold) and remove the tokens being bought back from the token total supply. Important Note: Both fees and tokens bought back by this function are stored in an automatically generated wallet and cannot be accessed by no one, removing the tokens out of total supply forever.
Reflection Tax: Whenever a transaction happens, a part of it will be deducted and distributed among token holders based on how many tokens they hold. It's essentialy a reward for holding! This feature is always locked and cannot be modified after the token creation.
LP Tax: Automatically deducts a part of any transaction and injects it into the liquidty pool making sure the size of your pool is healthy
Important Note: Keep in mind that If you select "Locked" for any of the features, you will not be able to edit them or disable them.
Main page - top
Next feature on the page is "Custom Taxes". This feature allows you to add up to 10 custom taxes and assign any wallet to it. It is useful in case you want different percent of your taxes going for different purposes, like marketing, development, charity or anything you need.
Custom Taxes feature
Going further down the page, you will see three next options you can use, including: Mintable: Allows you to mint more tokens (mintable is locked when reflection is active)
Blacklist: Allows you to block certain wallet addresses from trading the token
Pause: Allows you to temporarily pause trading
Mintable, Blacklist and Pause features
Below the above features, you will see a summary of your fees.
Total Fees
The last option on the token creaton main page is "Lossless Settings".
Lossless is a proprietary protocol that allows you to mitigate any damages deriving from hacks/exploits revolving around your token. For more information, visit this page.
Lossless Settings

View/Edit your token

After successfully creating your token, you will se it in your profile page under the tab "Your Tokens". From there, you can edit all editable features, let's take a look at some of them.
Your minted tokens - profile
At the top of your token edit page, you will see the name of your token, its address, the owner, trading status and four buttons you can use, including:
  • Renounce - allows you to renounce the ownership if the token contract. IMPORTANT NOTE: Renouncing the ownership of the contract will make you unable to edit it and the token will disappear from "Your tokens" page. This action cannot be reversed.
  • Mint - allows you to mint the amount of tokens specified by you.
  • Burn - allows you to burn the amount of tokens specified by you.
  • Pause - allows you to pause trading.
Top of the token edit page
Next you will see two tabs you can choose, "Taxes" and "Antibot". Let's take a look at the "Taxes" page first. Taxes tab:
Here you will be able to edit all the setting you could adjust when creating your token (unless they are locked). We will not cover them here as they are explained above (see here).
Taxes edit page
If you scroll to the bottom, you will see three more settings you can adjust, including:
  • Wallet Max Balance - allows you to set a maximum balance for all wallets excluding the whitelisted ones (you can edit the whitelist using the "Whitelist Addresses" on the right side).
  • Blacklisting - allows you to block certain wallet addresses from trading the token.
  • Taxed LP Tokens - LP Tokens you would like to apply the tax to. This feature automatically deducts a part of any transaction and injects it into the liquidty pool making sure the size of the pool is healthy.
Bottom of the "Taxes" edit page
AntiBot tab:
Second tab on the token view/edit page is "AntiBot". It allows you to adjust the AntiBot setting you selected when creating your token. You can read more about them here.
Both features work only up to 48 hours after the presale creation, and will be automatically disabled after that time.


If you selected ENMT v1, next step is choosing a name for your token and a total supply. We highly recommend going through our recommendation page for planning how many tokens you want to mint. You can find it here.
Naming your token and choosing a total supply
After minting a Token, you will find it on the right side of the same page. From here, you can launch your token, copy its address, lock it or access the info page.
You can also find all your minted tokens in your profile page.
Your ENMT tokens - profile
Before launching your token, we recommend creating one on Goerli testnet and testing it with other products to get more familiar with the process. To read more about our recommendations, check this page.
Your ENMT Tokens
To proceed to the info page, click on the arrow next to your token's name, select "info" tab (green highlight), then select "View Token Page" (red highlight)
Finding your token info page
You will be taken to your token's info page. You will find all the locks and pairs here.
Token info page