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UNCX Referral Program

On this page you will be able to find all the information about the referral program, rewards and requirements.


Our referral program aims to reward those helping spreading the word about our services and bringing new customers to use our Liquidity Locker. The process is designed to benefit both projects, and people referring those projects so there's something for everyone in it.
Why would project accept to be referred by you? It gives them an instant 10% discount on the flat fee. Why would you do it? You get rewarded!
As can be seen, there is still a large territory of locks that are yet to be claimed for referral fees.


  • Hold at least 1 UNCX (BNB or ETH; the chain depends on where the LP to lock is located).
How to earn?
  • Approach a project with their LP unlocked
  • Explain what's in for them (10% discount on the flat fee, and trust from their community)
  • Share the process on how to lock, feel free to use our guide!
  • Share your wallet address with the project you are talking to. It must contain at least 1 UNCX and needs to be entered into the appropriate field before locking
  • As soon as the LP is locked, the payout will occur.

How to find unlocked liquidity pools?

Using UNCX app:
Using DexTools:

Where can I track locked LP?

You can use our app linked above, or take a look at our telegram bot: https://t.me/Unicrypt_locks


For each LP lock you have referred:
  • On PancakeSwap v2 (BSC): 0.0405 BNB
  • On UniSwap v2 (ETH): 0.0108 ETH

V3 Liquidity Lockers Pitchdeck

Official UNCX V3 Locker Sales Deck (2).pdf